Amortization Calculator

What is Amortization Calculator?

An Amortization Calculator can help you to calculate your loan payment. It is also useful for calculating your interest costs so that you can be fully aware of how much the loan will cost you even before you get it. The tool is very easy to use. You can use it as a guide while paying off your loan. As you make your monthly repayment, you can use the Amortization Calculator to find out how much you have paid and also to know how much is left to pay towards completing the loan. 

The Amortization Calculator is available for free online and you can even get it from so many websites out there today. Even if you have not used the calculator before, you will never find it difficult to use at all. All you need to do is to supply the required details and the calculator will do the reset. The details you need to provide are very few and easy to obtain. Some of these details are highlighted below:


  • Principal amount you have borrowed
  • The length of the loan
  • The annual interest rate

You can also select the payment type and loan term as it applies to that specific loan when using the Amortization Calculator. The calculator can equally enable you to understand how you can save money even as you are paying off the loan. The options and functions are so many. You may be able to calculate your leftover loan and interest via some other methods, but you can rarely find any other method as outstanding as when you use the Amortization Calculator. It simplifies the entire process of calculating loans.

Amortization Calculator

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